Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dance Is The Answer 2011 Kicks Off!

Dance Is The Answer 2011 kicks off it's two week celebration with "Tango Your Taxes Off" an opening celebration of dance for the DC metro region. Dancers and enthusiasts took part in an evening of tango demonstrations and lessons by Sharna Fabiano & Isaac Oboka of Tango Mercurio, the unveiling of BOX O’ ART, a traveling visual art and movement installation and became acquainted with all the exciting events surrounding the Dance Is The Answer celebration this year.

What is
BOX O' ART will be created and curated by a team led by Bruce McKaig, a well known and respected DC-based artist and teacher. Each box contains items to become part of the installation from the everyday (yards of bubble wrap? Toilet paper roll innards? 100 empty cans of Campbell soup?) to the sublime (multi-colored light sources that causes miniature windmills to move seemingly without cause?) . Instructions for the installation at the host site - including time limits, what sound is heard at the site, how many participating installation artists should be present and how they should interact with their installation - will be included in the box.
To learn more about BOX O' ART and all the events for Dance Is The Answer 2011 go to

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